Gone fishing

Friday, February 24, 2012

Been doing a lot of "fishing"... etching fish into trays, teabowls, mugs, vases. So much fun to play with pattern and design. Here's a candid, quick pic of a tray prior to bisque firing.

After looking at these side-ways photos (which make these appear as if they're on the wall instead of trays/platters), I'm thinking about doing some wall pieces!

Funny how one thing leads to another...

Process photo of "Fish Tray" - Patricia Griffin
Process photo of "Fish Tray" - Patricia Griffin


  1. Of COURSE you should do some wall pieces, a whole series of them!!!! Brilliant!

    1. I'm already feeling daunted... Kiln load shut off in mid-fire for some reason... Got it heating back up now... GRrrrrrr. And now the pugger (brand new!) isn't working... But, it's a gorgeous day and what the hell, the rest of my life is peachy.

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback Tracey. Always cheers me!

  2. These are wonderful! It was always my experience that the wall pieces commanded a much higher price too -just a thought :)


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