Who's going to NCECA?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Last time I went was San Diego, which was many moons ago...
I've got my itinerary all marked up with the must-see demos and sessions. A new "must-see" is with the kiln docs. Now that I got my pugging issues resolved, I've got a kiln issue. Go figure! Never a dull moment in this potter's world.
The kiln session is my "medicine" with the rest of the conference filled with demos from incredible artists and eye candy everywhere, plus lots of fun with other potters and artists.
We're flying in to Eugene, visiting with some friends and then I'm taking the train north. Bundling up for cold weather.
Seattle... Here we come!


  1. First of all, what an adorable photo! and second of all, lucky lucky you! I am waiting for the North Carolina tour! Say hello to Hollis for me! Have fun :)

  2. Thanks Tracey! We're off this morning, which is also my birthday! Fun times! Hey, if it comes to North Carolina, that would be a blast. I'd get to meet you in person and would love that! I'll have to start budgeting now!

  3. GREAT photo!!! Happy Birthday, and happy travels too!
    Your art is just evolving into amazing-ness. congratulations!


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