Sale will benefit Art for Healing at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield

Thursday, January 9, 2014

This month's "Pottery for the Good" donation created a fun little flurry of Facebook postings within minutes of the piece going up for sale. The winner is Beth Brookhart Pandol of Bakersfield, CA. Funds will go to the Art for Healing program at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield.

Beth is executive director of the Water Association of Kern County, which is tasked with educating the public about water issues in Kern County. With California in the middle of a drought, Beth and her board members have their hands full. 
Congratulations Beth - and thank you for participating in "Pottery for the Good"!

Here's how it works:
Once a month, I put up a piece for sale to benefit a nonprofit. All proceeds – 100% – go to the selected nonprofit.

If you want to see the piece each month, please follow me on Facebook at:

If you'd like to have your organization considered for a featured non-profit, please leave a comment here or on Facebook, or please email me at:

Here's the piece that Beth purchased to benefit the Art for Healing program at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield, CA:

Dragonfly Dreams vessel from the Woodcut Series by Patricia Griffin
View 2 of Dragonfly Dreams vessel from the Woodcut Series by Patricia Griffin


  1. Fabulous idea . . . and fabulous way of connecting to others, the community . . . just want to leave here a beautiful idea I heard from Marianne Williamson this morning on a webinar: "Love is all around, but it needs to be activated . . . it must be Given for it to appear." . . . congratulations on your beautiful art and talent.

    1. Thanks Grant! I really appreciate your input. I saw that you also became a fb follower. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It means a lot to me!

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